Understanding our WHY

To understand the Gideotech Group and what we believe separates us from most other business incubators, we need to first explain to you what makes us tick.

Gideo van der Merwe, Inventor – Scientist – Entrepreneur and Founder of the Gideotech Group, is often described as a maverick entrepreneur or ADHD personality type. And they are most likely correct, WITH ONE MAJOR CAVEAT and that is that Gideo vividly understands and advocates his WHY. Everything Gideo and Gideotech does, is driven by a core belief and focus – that we will change life as you know it.

Our focus and our mission is clear – every opportunity – every project – every patent – every business we do, has to be LIFE CHANGING and improve our planet & benefit our communities we serve, for generations to come.

Welcome to our Group and thank you for your business. Gideotech

Our Agri Portfolio

Our Agri-Innovation division is the flagship, pride & joy of the Gideotech Group. Founder – Mr. Gideo van der Merwe has spent more than a decade developing and pioneering what is today one of his primary successes – CAN-AGRI (Vertical Farming of the future). An award winning Innovative Vertical hydroponic Farming System, Globally patented and the very proof, how innovation and technology can be integrated into agriculture at its best.

Gideotech continues to expand on the mandate & leadership provided by Gideo and continues to develop solutions & services to ensure Global Food Security.

Our Agri-Innovation division includes:

“Please feel free to contact us and discuss any of the projects that may interest you”.

Strathwold Estate

Gideotech owns Strathwold Estate situated in the prime Dullstroom & Machadodorp meander. The vision is to develop Strathwold as the showcase for Mega Merinos (intensive sheep farming & pecan nut estate.

Mineral & Technology Solutions

The TECHNOLOGY AND MINERAL (TAM) GROUP, was established in 2018 by Gideotech Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, and focused on developing its mineral resources to the sustainable benefit of its stakeholders.

The primary objective of the TAM Group is sustainable renewable energy storage solutions, and its VRFB (Vanadium Redox Flow Battery) Technology. TAM has large Vanadium, Iron & Titanium mineral resources, which it will beneficiate at its primary location at Highveld Industrial Park, in Witbank, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

Our Mining & Technology division includes:

“Please feel free to contact us and discuss any of the projects that may interest you”.


The TAM GROUP of companies is a dynamic minerals & technology group, with its primary focus on long-term sustainable energy storage solutions.

Environmental Solutions

Gideo van der Merwe, founder of the Gideotech Group of Companies has always been passionate about the environment and what he could do, to create a better & safer planet for generations to come.

He has successfully developed numerous patents and solutions to this effect and in the process of  commercialising these solutions, into stand alone businesses, with the potential to CHANGE LIFE as we know it. Every project or opportunity incubated by Gideotech Investment Holdings has to address its “WHY”, before being considered as a value proposition to the Group.

Understanding the importance of “WHY” we develop projects and solutions, is critical to understanding what drives Gideotech. We don’t get involved opportunities that won’t make a difference in generations to come, as money is not a reason – but merely an outcome.

Our Environmental division consists of:

  • EDC (Enviro Dust Control).
  • Enviro Blast (Blasting & Carbon Technology).
  • Climaworx – Carbon Sequestration Technology) coming soon.
“Please feel free to contact us and discuss any of the projects that may interest you”.

Environmental Solutions

To mitigate the environmental challenges and burdens the Agriculture and Mining Industry poses on scarce natural resources, EDC developed a range of superior products and outstanding customer services.
Enviro DUst