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is a private Group of companies in South Africa started by Gideo van der Merwe. The Group is focused on new technology, innovation and science, contributing to a cleaner and greener world we live in.

Gideo van der Merwe

Gideo is a profound and world renowned inventor and known for some of the most dynamic and brilliant new solutions in the fields of science, technology and intellectual solutions. Some people often refer to Gideo as “the crazy scientist” and believe he is A.D.D, because of his brilliant mind and energetic appetite to solve problems and take on new ideas and challenges.

At GIDEOTECH we believe just the opposite of him being crazy and encourage GIDEO to focus on what makes him tick and that is:  “his next brilliant solution or technology for the world to benefit from”.

GIDEOTECH has been established to harness all of Gideo’s latest ideas, intellectual property, technology solutions and patents. The GIDEOTECH Group as the holding company of all the businesses in the group, has a strong and dynamic team supporting him by taking these innovative ideas to the market’s and corporate world. We all are good in different areas of life and at GIDEOTECH we believe that our biggest asset are the people in our group, all adding different skill-sets to see our solutions through and converted into real-time businesses with huge opportunities. As an individual nobody will ever make a difference to our world, however the moment you bring different talents together with dynamic personalities, you gain critical momentum and leverage to develop much more than just one opportunity.

Please feel free to contact us at: info@gideotech.com