Strathwold Farms

Welcome to the home of Mega Merinos

Mega Merinos (Pty) Ltd is part of the Gideotech Group and located on our Strathwold Farm in the Mpumalanga Trout Meander, Machadodorp district.

Gideo van der Merwe (Chairman of the Group) has successfully been breeding the Mega Merino Stud for the past 10 years. Gideo first focussed on breeding intensively in Pretoria on limited space to prove it can be done successfully & economically before relocating the master herd to Strathwold Farm (an ideal environment for sheep farming).

Today the Mega Merino stud is growing rapidly as we continue to develop Strathwold into a gentleman’s estate, and increase the stud to 1000 breeding ewes.

There is no substitute for quality & Mega Merinos has some of the best stud animals in South Africa.

Strathwold Pecan's

Strathwold is also ideally located to grow Pecan Nuts and we are in the process of developing the first of three 50 hectare orchards. The boom in nut prices in recent years is expected to continue as consumers opt for healthier foods. 

Pecan nuts, indigenous to Mexico and to California in the United States, are a great source of nutrition and have been used as a staple food by native Americans long before the founding of the United States. The Algonquin Indians, who besides using it as a skin and lung medication also used it to create a fermented drink called powcohicora. The name is said to have derived from an Algonquin word used to describe “nuts that require a stone to crack”.

The trees grow fast and very tall if not controlled. They can take up to ten years to reach full production, but are able to produce nuts for more than a hundred years. The development of Strathwold Pecan’s is a long term investment by the Gideotech Group for the next generations to come.

While Pecan’s take several years to grow, Strathwold’s cashflow will be supplemented by Mega Merinos and the quality sheep produced on the farm, both stud & commercial.

A Vision of the future

Strathwold Farms


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