The Gideotech Group is a dynamic investment company with several ground breaking Technologies, Patents, IP, Creative Solutions and Brands for a better and greener world. At Gideotech we believe in investing not only in high-tech solutions, but in people. We believe that people still drive our businesses, hence we not only invest in our businesses but also in quality management and people.

“It’s not always the best horse that wins the race, but also finding the best jockeys for the right horse.”

At Gideotech we are at any given time invested in several business opportunities and projects, providing an excellent opportunity for friends & investors alike wanting to invest their capital into growing businesses and very lucrative opportunities. We are currently in the process of populating our business pages on our website and will soon be listing all our projects. Gideotech specializes in a number of industries:
  • Agriculture and creating innovative food security solutions.
  • Animal husbandry & breeding technology.
  • Bio-fuel solutions.
  • Crude Oil Washing Solutions.
  • Enviro-friendly solutions and IP for a better and greener world.
  • Fisheries & Innovative breeding solutions.
  • Mining technology & resources.
  • Real Estate Projects.
  • Smart Electricity solutions.
  • Water projects and how water influences our every day lives.
We are continuously developing new and creative solutions, projects and businesses and invite you to become part of this dynamic group of companies.