The Gideotech Group is invested in a number of innovative businesses and continues to expand into niche areas within our expertise zones.

Although we have a very scientific background in Research & Development our primary aim is to invest in businesses and solutions which make a difference to the world we live in. Our dynamic enviro-solutions for a better, safer and greener planet is core to the way we do business. We add value to every business solution we invest in by being creative and investing in science & technologies which makes a difference. 

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Portfolio of Companies

AquaSoil has developed a range of products that are a fusion of potassium-based super absorbent polymer and slow release nutrients. 

At CAN-Agri we believe that by mastering our methodology and business model, we provide the first truly scalable and commercially viable vertical farming solution to the market.

Envirospec is a “specialist environmental engineering business” focussed on environmental solutions which help make our planet a better place to live in. 

The Gideotech Group has been invested in Guinea Conakry for the past 12 years and have developed the Mosmart brand in Guinea into a well recognized and respected brand in Guinea.

Investing in our communities with a dynamic new food solution to help feed a hungry orld.

A dynamic energy storage & mineral supply company with world class technology and solutions.