The AquaSoil Group offers you a dynamic solution in water technologies

Aqua M Technologies (Pty) Ltd owns the AquaSoil range of products which is a dynamic range of scientifically produced agricultural products developed for farmers by farmers. Our products are natural products developed to help develop a better and greener world for generations to come.

AquaSoil has developed a range of products that are a fusion of potassium-based super absorbent polymer and slow release nutrients. Super absorbent polymers (similar in action to material, which is sodium based, in a disposable nappy) are becoming increasingly popular in agriculture, and AquaSoil effected a mechanical fusion of polymer with specialized fertilizer and other nutrients. The range of AquaSoil products are designed to store water and nutrients for slow release on demand.

AquaSoil is a brand and name that has been around for more than 15 years and is owned by Aqua M Technologies (Pty) Ltd. 

AquaSoil represents uniquely developed products mainly for the Agricultural & Horticultural industry, however our AquaSoil Dust Control product ranges not only serves the Agricultural industry, however also the Mining & Industry sectors where dust pollution is often a huge problem.

AquaSoil is most well known for our AquaSoil Hydrogel products which is a dynamic potassium based polymer product developed to SAVE WATER & ADDITIONAL NUTRIENT SOURCE for a variety of plants, trees and applications.

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AquaSoil is also proudly supported by the LAEVELD AGROCHEM GROUP which has an exclusive distribution agreement for all AquaSoil products. Laeveld is a trusted name in South Africa, especially in the Agricultural industry and a household name with most farmers. This relationship ensures that all AquaSoil products & services are professionally represented in the market, with well trained & highly experienced Laeveld Agents.

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