The Gideotech Group offers you the dynamic ENVIRO BLAST SOLUTION

The dynamic Enviro Blast Solution has been developed and Internationally patented by the Gideotech Group. When we first started our elaborate design and test phase, the product was referred to as the POSSIBLAST, however Gideotech has developed a number of enviro-friendly and safety solutions and have since gone on to register the products & solutions under the name of ENVIRO BLAST & ENVIRO SOLUTIONS.

FHL Mining was contracted in our design and proof of concept phase and more than 1000 blasts were conducted successfully.



  • Substitue reverse priming
  • Rock Face Advance – Increase Productivity
  • Fast installation & quick charging up of blast holes
  • Protects detonator
  • Precision placing of detonator 
  • Enhances mining safety standards & drilling procedures
  • Speedy and safe removal of misfired detonators
  • Enhances production performance
  • Product patented
  • Design patented
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