Executive Summary

TAM HOLDINGS is focused on innovative solutions in the minerals & energy sector and has substantial investments in mineral resources & technology (primarily in the minerals & energy industry). TAM HOLDINGS has three main subsidiaries:

TAM ALLOYS (Pty) Ltd. TAM Alloys focusses on mineral beneficiation and the production of Vanadium Pentoxide & other minerals while ..

TAM ENERGY (Pty) Lt. TAM Energy focusses on the production of Vanadium Electrolyte which is used in Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Technology and Energy Storage Systems.

TAM Mining (Pty) Lt. TAM Mining is focussed on mining Iron Ore and Vanadium in the Bushveld mineral complex in South Africa and has secured one of the largest mineral deposits of its kind for development.

By putting to use hi-tech solutions, technology and resources, TAM is rapidly growing into a formidable player in the Energy Storage Market in Africa. The world of mass energy storage opportunities is upon us and TAM is well positioned to capitalise on this ground breaking industry.