The Good Food Company

Investing in our communities

The Gideotech Group is committed to helping our local communities where our businesses operate in and we do so by focussing on what we can do to help improve their lives. One such project initiated by Gideotech is the The Good Food Company and our AFRIKA Energy Bars. Not only will this project be lots of fun and improve the lives of the local community at our AquaSoil Factory in Wonderfontein, Mpumalanga, however also have the merits to grow into a stand alone business and make a huge impact throughout Southern Africa.

How it all started

  • The objective was to establish a Food Company to manufacture affordable food products for the lower income markets and especially the hunger stricken African countries.
  • The Good Food Company brand was developed as it was an important milestone in South African history, when 1994 saw the first free and democratic elections in the country.
  • A company has been registered as “The Good FooCompany” which holds the IP, Patents & Know-how of the business and produces its products in a world class factory in Gauteng.
  • The company has secured the inputs from Dr. Louis Verhoef (Inventor) who has assisted the Company with the development of its unique products and it is envisaged that this will be the start of a number of  factories
    to be established throughout Africa.
  • The aim of the company is to manufacture a cost-effective “energy & protein bar” which has the potential to feed a huge segment of impoverished people throughout Africa.
  • The Good FooCompany has the opportunity to develop into a significant business as it not only can manufacture high quality products, however do so at extremely competitive prices which uniquely positions the business in its target markets.

For more information please contact us: +27 (12) 996 3010

"You can't teach a hungry child - Nelson Mandela"